Located in the Heart of Appalachian Hardwood Country

RAD Engineered Wood Products’ manufacturing facility is nestled in the heart of the Appalachian hardwood-growing region in Nescopeck, PA. This location puts us in the neighborhood of dozens of sawmills, concentration yards and lumber brokers that supply us with the high-quality raw material we demand for our customers. This proximity to our suppliers enables us to closely follow trends in the lumber market, purchase lumber at reasonable prices and keep shipping distances down — a cost and environmental saving.

RAD buys multiple types of lumber to satisfy the demands of our customers. In order to facilitate expedited orders, we purchase ready-to-use, kiln-dried lumber. For other orders, green lumber is purchased. Our seasoned lumber drying team then takes the green lumber through the process of drying it on-site. The lumber is dried by air and pre dryer then finished in our state of the art kilns.

Once in production, our dried lumber is ripped (cut) into strips (ribbons), inspected and fabricated. We catalog each order and affix a barcode to the individual kits to help our customers easily track and monitor their inventories.

Like everything else we do, RAD takes pride in our facility and our entire manufacturing process. Whether you are a current customer, current supplier, prospective customer or new supplier, we invite you to visit our plant in Nescopeck and see for yourself why RAD’s family of satisfied customers is growing stronger.

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