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Founded in 1960 by John Rayda and Eugene Sutter, RAD Engineered Wood Products has been producing high-quality hardwood truck floors for more than five decades. The company started small, sourcing lumber from local sawmills and selling floors in the northeastern U.S. Rayda eventually became the sole owner of the company and grew the business through the 1960s. At this time, he developed a new and innovative way to solve a common manufacturing problem. He developed a hook joint called the “RadLoc,” which is still used in the industry today. By joining the strips of wood together, end to end, prior to the lamination process, we produce the tightest possible joints and assure superior strength and reliability.

In 2012 RAD was acquired by a new group of investors who saw the opportunity in RAD. They recognized it was a long-standing company with a strong brand and high-quality product. Current ownership is committed to the original values and quality that helped define RAD and grew it into the industry leader it is today. RAD is continually looking to improve and innovate — building on the traditions of the past, while poised to introduce new products that anticipate and respond to our customers’ demands. That philosophy, which has enabled us to succeed for the past 55-plus years, will also help us excel well into the future. Please be sure to visit this site often to learn about new product announcements.

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