Mixed Hardwood vs. Oak

RAD Engineered Wood Products offers our customers two exceptional hardwood flooring products, as well as a full range of customizable accessories and a life-extending protective coating.

Our Mixed Hardwood floors are sourced from high-quality Appalachian species including ash, beech, birch and maple, among others. These unique blends — high-performance products at a lower price point than oak and composite floors — are ideal for box trucks, dry vans and trailers, in addition to after-market replacement parts.

RAD’s Oak floors, also sourced from the nearby Appalachian hardwood-growing region, are the industry “gold” standard for trailers. This premium product offers superior density, strength, hardness, wear, nailability and resistance to rotting.

We are committed to guiding our customers through the entire process, beginning with helping you decide which flooring option is best for your needs.

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Mixed Hardwood Truck and Trailer Flooring Kits

RAD’s Mixed Hardwood truck and trailer flooring kits are excellent floors for box trucks and dry vans, and they also work well for full-length trailers.

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Oak Truck and Trailer Flooring Kits

There are several reasons why oak floors continue to be the industry standard. The top choice for flooring in enclosed trucks and trailers, oak offers superior density, strength, hardness and wear resistance; natural resistance to water, insects, fungus and rot; and good machining characteristics.

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Scuff, Bull-Nosed Tie-Strap, and Kickboard

RAD is pleased to offer our customers a variety of accessories — scuff, tie-strap, and kickboard material — to customize the inside of their trucks and trailers.

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RadGuard Protective Coating

We know that you have invested in a new, high-quality truck floor and want to protect and extend the life of this investment for as long as possible. That’s why we offer RadGuard top-coat sealant.

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