Oak Truck and Trailer Flooring Kits

There are several reasons why oak floors continue to be the industry standard. The top choice for flooring in enclosed trucks and trailers, oak offers superior density, strength, hardness and wear resistance; natural resistance to water, insects, fungus and rot; and good machining characteristics.

RAD is so confident in our ability to provide our customers with premium products, we back them with an industry-leading warranty. Oak floor kits are available with or without protective undercoat paint. Sourced from the nearby Appalachian hardwood-growing region, our Oak floors are available in thicknesses from 1 to 1½ inches and lengths up to 53 feet. We work with our customers to ensure their specifications are met; every order is custom made to fit our customers’ needs.

  • Superior density
  • Great strength, hardness and wear resistance
  • Natural resistance to water, insects, fungus and rot
  • Industry-leading warranty
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