Scuff, Bull-Nosed Tie-Strap, and Kickboard Material

RAD is pleased to offer our customers a variety of accessories — scuff, tie-strap, and kickboard material — to customize the inside of their trucks and trailers. Our scuff and tie-strap are made with the same laminated hardwood process we use to make our durable truck floors, to ensure that these accessories stand up to the demands of daily trucking. Our RadLoc joints guarantee strong connections and ensure that the ends of the wood strips used to make the tie-strap are strong. Like our floor kits, these accessories are made to customer specifications. Unlike other companies, we can cut to your exact length, using every inch and eliminating waste.

  • Same high-quality construction process as our floor kits
  • RadLoc joints ensure strong connections
  • Precise cuts to your exact specs eliminates waste
  • Available in Mixed Hardwood and Oak
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