The Use of Apitong Wood and Illegal Hardwoods in Trailer and Truck Flooring

For many in the trucking community, floors sourced from overseas and tropical hardwoods, like apitong wood, have become the industry standard because the material is both durable and a cheaper option than what is offered domestically. But, there are downsides to using restricted lumber and this practice can present a number of logistical obstacles and environmental issues that make sustainable lumber a better option for your truck and trailer flooring long-term.

Illegally Sourced Hardwoods To Avoid: Apitong, Keruing, Malaysian & Tropical

Apitong wood isn’t the only illegal hardwood on the market either, lumber labeled as keruing, Malaysian, or tropical all fall under the illegal hardwood category. If you are purchasing these types of lumber, you are taking a risk of not knowing exactly what type of lumber is being used for your truck or trailer decking.

Take a study from the World Wildlife Fund for example. World Resources Institute and U.S. Forest Service found that as much as 62% of U.S. wood products were mislabeled. The majority of these were from wood sourced overseas. Of the 73 products tested, 40 were labeled as the wrong tree species and 20 weren’t even solid wood.

In short, it can be challenging to know exactly what you’re getting when you don’t use a supplier that sources domestically. But, that isn’t the only issue facing the hardwood suppliers.

Sustainability & Ethical Issues Arise from Illegally Harvesting Restricted and Critically Endangered Wood Species

The harvesting of certain species of wood has been linked to a handful of problems from organized crime to climate change. In addition, the transportation of internationally sourced lumber to the United States releases large amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere contributing to rising climate change risks. 

Unlike floors sourced overseas, at RAD Engineered Wood Products, we do not use any illegal, IUCN Red List tropical hardwood species like apitong, keruing or Malaysian. We offer a more efficient and reliable supply chain to provide you with trailer and truck decking solutions that are more environmentally friendly than our international and domestic competitors. 

Finally, assume supply chains uncertainty will continue. 

Given the current global landscape, dramatic shifts in pricing and timing will continue to strain companies that source overseas. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of domestically sourced oak, maple & mixed hardwood for trailer flooring and truck body flooring, get in touch with one of our experts.

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