Process Focused on Quality

When you choose RAD, it goes without saying that you will get the highest quality floor on the market, but did you know RAD offers unique supply-chain services as well? RAD offers supply chain and inventory management services to our customers to provide flexibility for our OEM and replacement part customers. This allows us to realize shorter lead times and just-in-time delivery for our customers. Let us help design a solution that fits your needs today.

Research and Development

RAD is committed to the future and has invested heavily in R&D while leveraging our relationships with suppliers, customers, and partner institutions. RAD’s technology is on the cutting-edge of materials science and we offer new solutions to the trucking industry as end-users demand a better product, at an affordable price, that is more environmentally friendly. Check back with us periodically, as we have many exciting new developments in the pipeline.


The latest technological enhancement to RAD’s production line, the WEINIG Scan and Chop System is a fully-automatic, high-performance line that scans the lumber components on all sides for defects and sends that data down the line to two saws to trim out the imperfections – all at full production speed. The system performs the work of what used to take more than a dozen employees and does it with only two. Read more and watch a short video about the new machinery.

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