Truck Body Flooring

We use a unique blend of northern US hardwoods to provide an affordable yet reliable truck body flooring solution.

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Trailer Flooring

RAD offers oak flooring, the traditional option for dry van trucks and trailers, as well as mixed hardwood flooring that offers a long-lasting and high quality solution. Whichever material option is right for your trailer, RAD can help you decide and get the most out of your investment.

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RadGuard Coating

RadGuard uses a proprietary formula unique to dry truck floors that was developed in partnership with ChemCoat to create a water repellent and skid resistant barrier.

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Supply Chain Services

We offer just-in-time delivery, warehousing, inventory management services and more.

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Aftermarket Parts

RAD sells hardwood flooring kits direct to aftermarket retailers who stock replacement parts for box trucks and trailers.

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The 10-Step Journey from Raw Lumber to RAD Hardwood Floors

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