USA Hardwoods

Our lumber is sustainably forested and locally sourced from the northeastern US and 100% made in the USA. With no use of illegal, IUCN Red List tropical hardwood species (like apitong or keruing), or off-shore supply chain of any kind, we offer a more efficient and reliable supply chain for your trucking business, while ensuring a smaller & more sustainable environmental footprint than our international and domestic competitors. Learn more about the use of illegal tropical hardwoods and how to avoid them.

Formaldehyde-free Adhesive

Formaldehyde resin is an adhesive commonly used in woodworking however it is incredibly harmful to both humans and the environment. Formaldehyde was classified as carcinogenic and mutagenic in the 6th adaptation to technical and scientific progress of the CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) EU directive in June 2014. A recent Lumber Liquidators lawsuit sheds more light on this harmful practice. Our adhesive is formaldehyde-free, sustainable and non-toxic, and holds up as a superior glue to formaldehyde applications.

Minimizing Waste

We make use of every bit of lumber possible. For example, in our cutting and trimming process, we trim out any imperfections in the lumber before gluing – this not only eliminates unnecessary waste but also results in the best-possible end-product for our clients. Additionally, we turn sawdust into energy by using the particles and trimmings created through our fabrication process to help power our facility.

RAD vs. Competitors


Just-in-time delivery with half the lead-time of the competition.

Longer lead-times (sometimes more than 8 months) and partial deliveries.


Locally-sourced from Pennsylvania’s Appalachian region.

Often Malaysian hardwood species that are red-listed in the U.S. by the IUCN.


Low-waste, efficient and non-toxic fabrication processes.

Less customization, harmful chemicals, more lumber waste.


Reuse or recycle almost every inch of lumber used.


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