If you own your own box truck, semi-trailer, or dry van, then you already know that wood floors are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. You’ve also likely thought about replacing or repairing your vehicle’s flooring at some point. Here is everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your trailer wood floor replacement.

The signs to look out for when it’s time to replace a semi-trailer wood floor 

Truck floorings generally don’t last longer than 20 years and can only handle so many loads and miles, so if your truck has been around for a while then it’s likely that the flooring will have signs of wear. But if you’re unsure about the history of your truck, there are visual signs that tell you it’s time for a replacement.

If your truck is old, the flooring may start to delaminate from years of use, and you’ll see the layers in the flooring crack, separate, or break apart. Road and moisture damage are also likely culprits for this type of truck flooring damage that you’ll need to visually examine for.

Another more subtle form of damage can be found in soft spots that have elasticity when you apply pressure. Normal truck wood flooring should not have any give when you step on it. If your floor is bending under pressure it can mean there’s rotting wood underneath – which means you should look at replacing your truck flooring as soon as possible. 

Benefits of a mixed hardwood floor replacement

While some truck flooring replacement companies praise tropical hardwood for their value, the fact remains that many tropical hardwoods like Apitong, Purpleheart, and others are illegally imported. Due to an amendment to the Lacey act in 2008, these tropical hardwoods are protected and you may receive a fine from purchasing them. There are many reasons not to use tropical hardwoods, so you should avoid companies that use them.

Softwood like Douglas Fir or Pine are another option for floor replacement, but they also carry risks. This type of wood, like its name suggests, is softer than hardwood and wears out quicker as a result. You may need to replace a softwood floor as soon as 5 years after installation. Softwood is also more prone to rotting, and is generally not a great flooring choice.

Mixed hardwood is the best choice for your truck or trailer wood floor replacement because of its legal status and reliability. For the past 60 years at RAD, we have exclusively used hardwood sourced from the northern US, which guarantees that you won’t get fined for illegal wood usage. We’ve found that mixed hardwood is the most dependable flooring solution in the market, and our customers agree. Some of the types of trees you can find in our mixed hardwood are American Red or White Oak, both of which are known for their exceptional durability. When maintained well, mixed hardwood flooring can last many years.

Protecting your investment

When you invest in your trailer’s flooring, you naturally want to protect it and keep it looking as good as new. Our RadGuard truck flooring protection does just that by providing a hard top coat sealant that keeps your flooring looking natural, while protecting it from moisture and any other damage you can think of. Our formula ensures that you’ll worry less about wear-and-tear and repairs, so you can focus on driving your truck.

Finally, assume economic uncertainty will continue 

Replacing wood flooring on your box truck, dry van, or semi-trailer can be a better and cheaper option than purchasing a new one. you should start on getting your replacement as soon as you can if you’ve found any damage to your flooring. In our current economic environment, lead times are longer than usual and prices for materials + labor will continue to rise. We recommend that you act now to replace your trailer’s wood floor, so you can lock in your replacement before prices go up.  If you’d like to find out more about how we can repair your truck flooring, send us a message and we’ll help you get your truck back in shape.